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  • Marlboro Syclone History & FAQ

    Marlboro Syclone History & FAQ
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    The Marlboro Syclone was the grand prize for ten winners of The Marlboro Racing ‘92 Contest. These were technically part of the production 2998 unit-built Syclones (all start as standard black trucks) built in 1991. The Marlboro contest was held in mid 1992 with the winners notified in September of that year. A letter sent to the winners had claimed more than 85,000 entries were sent in which was much lower than a previous giveaway contests. All 10 Marlboro Syclones were claimed by the winners and still survive today, all privately owned. Due to a drop it entries, the promotion was never repeated.

    The 10 stock Syclones were provided to American Sunroof Corporation (ASC) and with the help of Larry Shinoda Design Associates, Inc. – the designer behind the Corvette Stingray and Boss Mustang, and in conjunction with Phillip Morris, Inc., each of the 10 Syclones were then customized and transformed into the "Marlboro Syclone" for the contest giveaway. ASC contributed the most significant and most eye catching physical alteration - converting the cab to a T-top with a fully removable targa cover panel, which can be locked into a specialized frame bolt into the bed and stowed away when you want to enjoy the sunshine on your face while driving. Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires were wrapped around Boyd Coddington “Cobra” billet wheels with black centers, polished lips and a small red and white Marlboro Racing logo in each wheel center. PPG supplied the “Hot Licks” DBC Concept 2000 paint (Marlboro red if you will) and Concept 2020 clear. The C.R. Laurence company provided a PowerLite retractable sliding rear window, and Guidon provided the lockable hard tonneau cover, which replaced the standard soft tonneau cover. Graphik Concepts Inc. provided the white stripe graphics package and lettering. The truck included a stainless Borla exhaust, a BellTech 3-inch-drop kit, and a Prompaq Adaptive Technologies security and performance computer system which was mounted on the passenger’s side kick panel. Inside the interior, a Momo Evolution steering wheel replaced the stock unit, and leather Recaro seats with five-point Simpson racing harnesses where installed to keep you planted security and safely. A Sony sound system installed by Pacific Audio and Alarm rounded out the mods to an otherwise stock Syclone. No motor modifications where made and all Marlboros retain the same standard 4.3 turbo powerplant as the production Syclones.

    There is no evidence that these particular 10 trucks had any speciality equipment or features beyond the standard manufacturing of the Syclone BEFORE they were transformed into Marlboros (again, these were stock production trucks), and were just the batch of available trucks that were purchased by Phillip Morris. It is documented that Phillip Morris paid $10,000 to GM per truck, and was listed as the owner for the first Marlboro built, while the remaining 9 were untitled coming directly from GMC. The following VINs are documented as Marlboro Syclones:
    • 2871 - Currently located in Hungary (for sale)
    • 2872 - #6 of 10, Owned by Chris Pearson, Tom Argue, John Parsons.
    • 2873
    • 2879
    • 2884
    • 2885
    • 2888
    • 2891
    • 2927
    • 2992 - The #1 of 10 Marlboro, as it was the first to be built. Used for the artwork and promotional photography for the contest. Owned by Phillip Morris originally, 2nd owner put 700 miles on the truck and was sold. 3rd owner was Lou Robert. Was listed in Columbus, GA for sale at $85k with 9,245 miles. Glove box door is signed by Rick Mears.
    The Marlboro Syclone custom features include:
    • ASC converted the roof to a targa-style roof panel with mounts in the pick-up bed
    • ASC installed a slide-down rear window assembly
    • Guidon hard tonneau cover
    • Boyd Coddington “Cobra” wheels with Marlboro emblem center caps and Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires
    • PPG “Hot Licks” Red paint, with white strobe stripes provided by Graphik Concepts
    • Recaro leather seats with Simpson 5-Point racing harness
    • Custom Momo “Evolution” steering wheel
    • Sony sound system
    • PROMPaq performance chip and Borla stainless steel exhaust
    • Bell Tech suspension dropped 3 inches

    Marlboro Price Breakdown


    - Pictures
    - Marlboro Specific Documentation
    - More detailed history on individual Marlboro trucks.
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    Marlboro #2992 (Marlboro #1) is currently for sale to the public. This was the first Marlboro built was used by Phillip Morris for the artwork and promotional pictures for the giveaway contest. Phillip Morris is listed as the first owner. This is the same truck that was featured in Muscle Machines Magazine and has the glove box door signed by Rick Mears after driving it as the parade-lap pace vehicle at the Marlboro Challenge CART Indy Car race in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, in October 1992.

    Listed currently with Allens Cars - Vintage, Classic, Antique Muscle Cars located in Columbus, Georgia.
    Listed Price: $85,000

    More info pending....
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      Marlboro #2872 (Marlboro #6) is currently for sale to the public. This truck was previously located in Florida for many years until purchased by a collector and transported to Arizona to join a large collection of various SyTys (including other Marlboros). While this is a low mileage Marlboro (around 3435 miles), it is not 100% stock as it now features both polished and powdercoated pieces under the hood. This truck still is in pristine condition and all modifications can be reversed back to factory stock.

      Listed currently with Desert Auto, based out of Phoenix, Arizona.
      Listed Price: $79,995

      Classified Ad:
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        This is an old thread. I found it just messing around. I forget where i originally read it, but one of the Marlboros was destroyed in the Malibu California fires of a couple years ago. I recognized the guy's screen name at the time, but don't recall it now. I think he was an OO of the Marlboro, and it had been for sale from time to time at unrealistic prices. Don't matter anymore, it's gone. Hope it was insured on a Collector policy, as Homeowners policies don't pay for contents losses if they are automobiles.