Most of you know these features, but it's worth mentioning for those who don't and who may learn something too.

#1 - The Search Box - Oooh boy, use this son-of-a-gun! It's the most powerful feature on the site.
#2 - Latest Activity - See a (newest to oldest) chronological listing of forum content. Note - if you become a ISTR member, new content appears in here.
#3 - New Topics - See topics on the forum you may have missed. This will list anything posted since you last logged in.
#4 - Who's Online - See a listing of the members currently logged into the site. Helpful if you need to chat/message someone.
#5 - Member List - Looking for someone? Start here. Indexed and searchable database of all users.
#6 - Calendar - Want to stay up to date with the happenings of our community? Here ya go. This is a comprehensive listing of events. And you can contribute to it!
#7 - Articles - Articles are important, instructional posts created by ISTR. From How-Tos to truck/event features, look here.
#8 - Groups - These will be subgroups and committees created to benefit the community in different ways. You could be a part of one or even manage one!
#9 - ISTR Online Store - Ready to become a member? Want to buy some merch? Want to participate in a raffle? Head here.