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    You guys have asked for it and we've made it happen. Look to the bottom of the page and you'll see a horizontal bar....that's the chat bar. Click the the chat link and a pop-up will appear with a list of people available to chat with. Feel free to message anyone or click the chat room icon to the right of the chat link and join a chat room. And you have to be logged into the forum to chat, so don't worry about being bugged by guests or spammers. Here's a quick pic to explain:

    Syclone #1596
    ISTR Treasurer & Underwear Model

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    Hi ya'll ~ I'm new to this site. I've had my Syclone since 2005. My Dad purchased it originally in 1991 and he and I enjoyed driving it for many years together until he passed and left it to me. It's still in great shape as I've restored, maintained, and babied it all this time. My current issues: the turbo is dying (injectors) and there's talk of getting 'refurbished' parts vs buying new. (It runs great for a bit and then dies out. Won't easily start and stay running when hot or even warm). Also, I'd like to replace the rear bumper that has broken off in the corner.. but cannot find a site for Syclone accessories, used or otherwise)... Anxious to hear input from others... thank you.


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