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AMERICA WEEK The 7 Best American Cars Ever Built- Featuring Dave P!

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  • AMERICA WEEK The 7 Best American Cars Ever Built- Featuring Dave P!

    1991 GMC Syclone

    Some people will see the above photo and wonder if I'm in need of medication for picking a 25-year-old small pickup truck. Others know what this is, and have already sat up in their seat. For the former, the Syclone is a 280hp, turbo V6-having sports truck. It had all-wheel drive back when almost nothing had all-wheel drive. Car and Driverfamously ran one in a drag race against a contemporary Ferrari -- and won. It wasn't the first sports truck, and it was nowhere near as famous as the Ford Lightning that was to follow, but for one year, it was an impressive piece of machinery.

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    I just Noticed its actually Dave Ps truck and him Driving it! Almost had this Syclone but it sold pretty quick. Dave Put this thing back together beautifully.


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      How about that. Pretty cool.


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        Always like Stealth mode - no "Syclone" on the door...


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          I missed this until just now. Kind of cool. I sold that truck just over 3 years ago, and have never heard a word as to what was done with it, or what became of it. I occasionally talk with the guy I sold it to, but he never mentions it.

          I see a credit to Jeremy Gillard for the pic. I'm curious where that was taken. It may have been the community dinner at Nats 13. The scenery doesn't look like Southern California. The driver needs a haircut.


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