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  • Syclone 2904

    This is my first post on any forum in about 2 years. Long live the forums! Haha. This weekend I'm cleaning up the garage in preparation to pull the engine, trans, and Tcase to rebuild everything! Have a trans lined up already, and my current Tcase just needs a new viscous coupler. But the engine needs a bottom end rebuild. Have my plans, and am pretty excited. I will be sure to update as I go!

    For those who don't know me, Syclone 2904 was in bad mechanical shape when I bought it. Currently has Sportmachines coilover conversion with Baer C4 brakes. Sportmachines 20g bb turbo with JSM mod and 3" matching downpipe. L35 heads, turbo tweak chip with 60# flow matched injectors, AFPR, and hot wired racetronix 255lph pump.

    Current plan is to build a strong bottom end with a nice cam. (Current bottom end isn't happy, plus she blew a head gasket) Already have a built trans lined up, and I just need to put a new VC in the tcase so I can stop breaking cv-axles on the highway lol.
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    Any suspension modification plans? I know you probably have a budget to keep, but with everything out, it makes it so much more simpler to do a coilover setup. Either way, right on...excited to see the progress!
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      She's already got the old Sportmachines shop truck coilovers and Baer brakes on the front with afco adjustable shocks all around. Also has a Belltech rear sway bar😁
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        Im not gonna lie.... I kinda really like the Syclone having the cooked VC, cause 2WD is so much fun when exiting parking lots and car shows.
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          I definitely had some rwd fun lol


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            Just starting a light tear down of the front clip and stripping the engine down to a long block before I pull it when it gets warmer out. Picked up my new built trans last weekend.
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              So my Carlisle Syclone plans fell through unfortunately. So long story short, the plan going forward is to build the Syclone I've always wanted. It's going to take a while, but it will be done once, and done right πŸ‘


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                Build is going very slow because..... life. I have a solid pile of parts started.

                - Precision 6262 turbo w/ precision 46mm gate
                - Brian Hartmann stage 5 700r4 🀞
                - Tci 3400 lock up converter
                - Holley dominator swap

                I'm currently figuring out how I want to do my fuel system for e85 as well. I want to do it RIGHT. That's really all for now. Would love to have lsd front and rear tooooo.


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