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New Member, no SyTy in the garage......YET!

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  • New Member, no SyTy in the garage......YET!

    Greetings to all ISTR members! I hail from Southern Missouri, about 60 miles due East of Branson. I have a chance to buy a '92 Ty from it's original owner, who is a good friend. He has recently spent a fair sum of money ( at his local GMC dealer. 😩 ) trying to get the truck to run properly. I believe that it is mostly stock, with maybe an aftermarket chip in it. It has about 70,000 miles on the odometer. The recent work was replacing the fuel tank, pump, and injectors, with little change in the running condition afterwards. It has now been sitting a few months.

    The Ty is Black on Black Cladding, with some peeling of the clear coat on the roof and hood. The interior is said to be in very good condition. The truck is in Texas, and the asking price is pretty low. However, after researching these great trucks on this, and many other sites, it is hard to realistically project just how much time and money it may take to return the Typhoon to great, reliable running status. There seems to be very few parts to be had, when replacements are needed. Of course, most old car projects are like this. If any of you can point me towards some places near my region that might be able to help me check out this truck, if I go get it, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard!

    What truck number is it? There could be info already floating around on it to help you out.

    Yes, these trucks can be finicky and sensitive at times, but get it running good and you'll see why they are such a fun truck to own. My suggestion is if the truck needs a bit of work, buy it as a project truck and not as your daily driver. Work on it on the side and get it right.

    As far as sourcing parts, Sportmachines is one of the best places for both aftermarket and OEM parts. They carry a large inventory and dont list everything they have on their is to call and ask.

    As far as getting someone to come and help check out the truck, jump on the FB group and ask for someone local.
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      Thanks, Adam! My pal has been working the night shift this week, so I will call him later and get the truck number. This Ty would not be my main vehicle, and would only be driven occasionally, but with varying distances....near and far. I do know just how much fun these bundles of shock and awe can be, as I drove this Ty a few times when it was new, and rode in it even more in the early '90s. There was a day involving two speeding tickets, in two different cities, that I still recall quite clearly. I'm getting a bit "long in the tooth", and have owned my share of V-8 street muscle machines ( 1st Gen. Camaros, 60s - 70s Novas and Chevelles, a '96 Impala SS, and a '97 Camaro SS ), but would love to add this turbo 6 Banger to my list. Perhaps I will be making the trip Westward with my hauler soon!


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        Welcome! Adam has pretty much covered a lot of the important information already, there used to be a fairly large number of SyTy owners in Missouri along I-70 (KC, Columbia, St. Louis), but I wouldn't be surprised if there are others lurking in your area or even northern Arkansas. The SyTy Nationals used to be held in Overland Park, KS from 1998-2006, so there always seemed to be a bunch of trucks from the middle of the country there, I'm sure there must be some still out there.

        Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you're getting yourself into. The best thing to do is get it running good as it is, do all the normal maintenance as well as preventative maintenance, then you can go and tweak things to your liking, knowing that there won't be silly setbacks causing unneeded frustration.

        Looking forward to hearing how things turn out.
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