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Any opinions regarding selling SyTy on bringatrailer?

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  • Any opinions regarding selling SyTy on bringatrailer?

    Remember Powercat6? He'd scour the interwebs and re-post the contact info. Those were the days. I recognized back then that .net added a lot of value to these trucks and parts because of the all-in-one-place concentration of SyTy enthusiasts. I frequently thought "what will happen to the value and liquidity of these parts, trucks, and business models when this site self-destructs?". Now I know. I'm ready to leave SyTy in the rear-view mirror of life, but am in a quandary regarding how to market my remaining two trucks.

    I've been watching bringatrailer for about 12 months. There have been a handful of SyTy. Mostly offered by "dealers" and flippers. You get exposure, but there's no way to follow up with the seller as any contact info in the comments section is scrubbed. With the demise of the community we had on .net back in the day, there is no longer a venue to expose a Syclone or Typhoon to enthusiasts of the marquee, much less peeps that may recognize the seller or the sellers' qualifications or experience. i managed to sell a Syclone on CL, but I think that was a fluke that the sale actually happened.

    I'm tempted to try BaT for my trucks, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas and comments on how to generate exposure to the peeps that are most likely to want to buy one: Other SyTy peeps.

    Thanks for reading

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    I dunno Dave... the day will come that i'll part with my Ty, and i don't think i'd ever list it on a SyTy forum or anything frequented by current SyTy'ers. One thing I've always noticed with this community is the perceived value. I've even had discussions with former owners about this too... when it's your truck it's worth 20k+, but when someone else is selling their truck for 20k, it brings the "Pfffffttt! this guy is nuts, that things not worth a dime over 12k!" response, which I think has handicapped the value of these trucks from the beginning.

    These trucks are nowhere near the value they should be, too many people get fed up with them and unload them for far less than they should be selling for which keeps limiting the value. I love seeing them go for north of 30k at auctions, and i love seeing 100k+ mile trucks selling for over 20k, but those sales are few and far between. GN's sell for almost double what most SyTy's go for, which is disturbing considering our trucks are much more rare. Maybe it'll change once our trucks his the 30 year mark, I dunno. But most Ty's in decent shape with good cladding, should be going for 25k. Yet I feel if i were to sell my Ty today in good working order, i'd be lucky to get 15 for it.

    I've thought about putting mine on AutoTrader for 25k just to see if I get any interest, even if I have no intention on selling it. I sold my Syclone on AutoTrader, and will likely sell my Typhoon there. I'd never list it here or .net, or on Facebook cause I don't wanna sell it to another SyTy'er... they know too goddamn much and nitpick every little thing, and I don't wanna deal with that again.

    BaT is an interesting format, but I really don't know what type of interest you'd get. And by that I mean I don't know if you'd get generally interested people who've never owned one and really want one, existing syty'ers, lookyloos, low ballers, or my favorite the people with the inheritance check for 5 grand more than you're selling for and just need you to write them a check for the difference.
    You can always list it for a substantially higher than normal price and see what happens. Ebay is another format that would get some decent exposure as well, though I'd never sell my truck there either. I think to sell these trucks and get a fair price, you can't be in a hurry to do it. If someone REALLY wants one, they'll find yours, no matter where you have it listed. Good luck.

    Just my 2ยข even if it doesn't really answer your question haha.


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      I am ready to sell my trucks also. All they do is sit and collect dust now. Trying to find the best place to list them for sale has been on my mind for a couple of months. The trucks that I have sold in the past have been through contacts at the .net. And as you have already mentioned. That is no longer an option.


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        As much as I hate to say it, there seems to be successful sales by advertising on Facebook. I can agree that potential buyers within the SyTy community are going to low ball a seller. SyTyers read about so many active trucks within the community that the trucks seem almost mainstream. When they're not. The more exposure the trucks get, the more casual buyers will become enthused. I feel that displaying your truck's history and restoration progress online, does help potential buyers feel more comfortable when purchasing your truck. Being able to read about your next vehicle before you buy it really helps. Everyone wants to purchase a vehicle that is sorted, and fully functional. I'm seeing more and more low mileage originals coming out of longtime storage and selling in the mid $30s. Hopefully those values rise, and again, the more exposure the trucks see in auctions and sites like BaT the stronger the asking prices will be.

        HTH, and we will be sad to see you leave. You definitely carry a lot of respect within this group.

        Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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          I think that E-Bay and Autotrader would be good for getting a lot of exposure. The BaT site may be worth trying but I know nothing about it.


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            It seems like the Mk4 Supras and Porsches and other "breakout collectables" go for premiums on BaT, but are generally not sold to people that are deep into the respective communities.

            eBay is ok but they kill you with fees. CL is good if you can get past the tire kickers, and actually most people looking for something like a SyTy will search VERY wide areas.

            So... who knows.
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              Your latest Vett appears to be in great condition. I hope that you enjoy it.

              Well, the time has come for my SyTy's to go. The Syclone is listed on eBay right now. In a few days, the Typhoon should be listed also. I hope folks are in a buying mood.


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                I will share my thoughts on your post. I recently purchased a 93 typhoon #388. I looked on both ebay, and facebook marketplace. I believe i would post one I wanted to sell on every possible site known. The more exposure, the more likely you will sell. FWIW I paid 20k for my 42k mile typhoon. I feel it was a fair price.


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                  There is currently a 63,000 mile one owner, southern California only wht/wht 93 on BaT. Other than a kenn-bell ka-boom chip, it looks pretty solid. It even has a carfax record of its mileage that supports the odometer reading as credible.