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    Hello everybody, I’m new to this forum/site, recently acquired a Syclone serial 00339 with 58k miles, I have always wanted one since I read about it on Car Craft magazine when it came out new. Drove it from Los Cabos to Monterrey, México and have had it for 6 months now. I’ve been fixing the usual items plus a couple other things.

    -Fixed so far: tires, msd coil+dist cap+rotor, taylor armor wires, ngk plugs, downpipe wrap, silicone vacuum hoses (rigid core), all fluids and filters, belt, heater core, ball joints, mufflers+backpipe, window motors, walbro fuel pump+New oem sender, wheel cap bolts+o rings, front shocks, bump stops (used trimmed down blazer part as I couldn’t find the Sy specific part), redid the headliner & changed the roof light.

    -Next on the list is: fix oil pressure gauge, torsion bar support mounts, take off & reinforce all cladding, fixing bed cover (missing a corner piece and some sliders), 3 bar map+adjustable fuel regulator+custom eprom, check intercooler water pump, fix A/C.

    Will have to hunt for driver side front wheel arch and bed corner cladding, also one bed cover railing corner piece is missing.

    I know Syclones are very rare, but here in México even more so, It is the perfect sleeper as everybody thinks its just a lowered S10 until they see you take off.

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    Welcome to this site. You have completed quite a few repair projects. I hope the ones that you have left to fix go well for you.


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      Congratulations on your truck. Welcome to the community.

      Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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        Welcome aboard!

        There's actually quite a few SyTys in Mexico. Every once in awhile you see them pop up. Seems like those who have them, own more than one too. Post some pics when you can!
        SyTy Registry


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            welcome! pretty good looking truck. For a Syclone, the rear corner should not be that hard to find, just pricey.

            The front fender arch, those are becoming increasingly harder to find, but not impossible, plus there are a couple of people who are starting to reproduce them in plastic.
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