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    I put some stock numbers into the software to check the results.

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    Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?

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    Pics dont work on my end?
    SyTy Registry


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      Seems like too much spark timing - or is what this is telling you is the maximum spark timing you can theoretically run versus cylinder pressure?
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        Seems about right. We all know these aren't exactly 280Hp motors stock, not really. I remember a while ago someone posted up a stock rebuild on an engine dyno on the Facebook group (Cheryl Walker-Taggart I believe), it made similar power to above, but the torque was well into the high 400s. Interesting.


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          The flow efficient used above for the stock LB4 heads is too high from what I have seen over the years. The intake side is probably closer to 40%. 45% is more accurate for a L35 head.


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