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Complete Johnny Lightning Syclone/Typhoon Guide

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  • Complete Johnny Lightning Syclone/Typhoon Guide


    Truckin' America Series

    In the Truckin' America Series, JL released replicas of America's most famous trucks. Cast #419, introduced in 1997.

    This series included various color combinations of Syclones as follows:

    - Release 1, Yellow Body / Black Cladding, Collector #21, only 20,000 produced.
    - Release 2, Maroon Body / Black Cladding, Collector #26, only 20,000 produced.
    - Release 3, Orange Body / Black Cladding with whitewall wheels, Collector #20, only 17,500 produced.
    - Release 4, Black Body / Black Cladding, Collector #37, only 17,500 produced.

    - Pearl White Body / Black Cladding - WHITE LIGHTNING SPECIAL EDITION (Specialty package). Production numbers were printed on the bottom of the truck. According to JL, 2% of a production run will be White Lightning cars. I am not certain if this pertains to just the Syclone chassis alone, or the entire Truckin' America series. I would assume the 2% is based on the entire series as there are other White Lightning trucks available in this series, not just the Syclone. I am unable to find an exact number of White Lightning Syclones that were produced. Click image for larger version  Name:	JLTruckinWL.jpg Views:	1 Size:	142.7 KB ID:	417

    Lightning Speed Series

    This series, JL featured "Racers Edge" Racing Wheels on the models for increased performance for those who actually raced their models on a track and not keep them in the box for collection and display.

    - Maroon Body / Black Cladding
    - NO White Lightning version

    Working Class Series

    The Working Class Series featured a black/gray Syclone with black rims/polished lips.* Each of the Working Class Series features a Massachusetts license plate on the packaging to which the Syclone is: 280HPV6

    - Black Body/Gray Cladding with black rims and polished lips.
    - There is a White Lightning version of this series. Instead of black faced rims, they are WHITE. There is no other indication or marker on the packaging to signify White Lightning (so look carefully).

    *Fun Fact: I had contacted Playing Mantis/Johnny Lightning asking about the next release of the Syclone and to submit my truck photo for a program they were running called "Your Car is the Star" where if they choose your vehicle, the model would be made to look like it and your picture would be printed on the packaging. Winners would receive a case (12) of their car too! They did not use a Syclone for the program, however the JL rep I was in contact with liked my photograph and they used it to model for the Working Class Series release. At the time, my truck had black Z06 rims with polished lips, and my cladding had been recently painted to a very dark gray. I was told they couldnt replicate the rims (at that time), but would choose something that was close in their current inventory. So the Working Class Series Syclone was modeled off Syclone #0237.

    United States Postal Service Series

    - Release 1, White truck with alligator stamp
    - Release 2, Gold truck with spaceship stamp


    - Release 2, Gold Postal Syclone with bird stamp
    - Release 2, Gold Postal Syclone mislabeled/mispackaged as a 1955 Chevy Cameo (bird stamp)

    KISS Series

    The KISS Series Syclone featured was uniquely designed with a chrome covered body and blue tribal style flame/scallops on the front and KISS logo on the doors.

    - White Lightning Version Available

    Street Freaks Series

    - White Lightning Version Available

    Marvel Comics Box Set

    The Marvel Comics Box Set includes: 1959 Ford Thunderbird, Dodge Viper, H1 Hummer and GMC Syclone. Each vehicle has it's own unique Marvel paint scheme.

    - Orange to red fade with X-men logo graphics
    - NO White Lightning version

    Xtreme 90s Muscle Edition - Release 3

    In October 2018, JL released the Xtreme 90s Muscle edition with 2 Syclones - a standard black/black paint scheme and a Marlboro. The cardstock features 90s coloring with teal/pink/neon green with a GM promotional picture of the Syclone. A Muscle Facts is added giving a quick insight to some information regarding the Syclone.

    While the excitement of having another series released, especially a Marlboro version....the biggest disappointment is the trucks having Chevy Xtreme style wheels instead of the correct SyTy style like most of the JL Typhoons feature.

    - Black / Black
    - Marlboro (standard red paint with white graphics)
    - Marlboro White Lightning (white truck, black cladding, white tires with gold rims) - Version A and Version B

    Johnny Lightning GMC Hobby Exclusive

    This release coincides with the Xtreme 90s Muscle Edition (released shortly after) with a reverse Marlboro edition Syclone - white body with red graphics. The cardstock has red colors with the same GM promotional picture used as the Xtreme 90s. There is a White Lightning version available in this release.

    - White Marlboro (white body, red graphics, red interior, black rims)
    - White Marlboro White Lightning (white body, red graphics, white interior, white tires with gold rims)

    Johnny Lightning Typhoons

    - Ertl Collectables, Blk/Blk Typhoon with no packaging. (Came in box sets of 8) Has Ertl Collectables label attached to wheel. WL version available (WL features white tires)
    - Muscle Cars Release, #20 - White/Gray Typhoon with stock rims, WL version available (WL has white wheels and chassis)
    - Forever 64 Release 2, - Red/Gray Typhoon, WL version available (WL has white wheels and chassis and came with roof rack)
    - Forever 64 Release 3, Teal/Gray Typhoon, WL version available (WL has white wheels and interior, Lightning Strikes (05, 09, & 12) have body colored tires)
    - Forever 64 Release 5, Aspen/Gray Typhoon, WL version available (White Lightnings have clear rims and tires, Lightning Strikes (01, 05, & 11) have body colored tires, Lightning Strikes (03 & 08) have blue tires)
    - Forver 64 Release 10, Garnet/Gray Typhoon, WL version avaiable (WL printed under the hood)
    - Forever 64 Release 14, Blue/Blue Typhoon, WL version available (WL has white engine and chassis)
    - Variation of the Blue/Blue made for the SyTy Nationals 12, August 4-6, 2011. Featured the SyTy Nats logo on the hood and came individually boxed in its own clear plastic container. 87 were hand numbered and distributed at the SyTy Nationals. A remaining 150 not given away at the Nats event was speculated to have been sent to the Tomy distribution store in Iowa and/or used as giveaway or raffles. That means there were potentially 237 released into the wild between Nats and JL. They tagged the Nats Ty onto the end of the Aspen Typhoon production run and was slated for 250pcs. Final count is undetermined.
    - Forever 64 Release 18, White/White Typhoon featuring Sportmachines decal on windshield. WL version available (WL has white tires and white rims)
    - Forever 64 Release 13, Black/Black Typhoon featuring gold rims. Truck was modeled after 92 Typhoon #2320 owned by Mike Renz. WL version available (WL has white chassis and white tires)
    - Forever 64 Release 20 - White Typhoon with Red/Blue graphics and "LOCO POLICIA" logo on the door. Part of the "Beat the Heat" Series. WL version available (WL has white tires and gold rims)
    - Projects In Progress Series, Teal Typhoon, misprint error packaged as 1971 Chevy Vega
    - Gone Fishing 2017 Release 3, Versions A & B. Version A (White) Version B (Black) Due July 2017. WL version available on the White Typhoon, features white tires on both the truck and trailer.

    4th of July Typhoon

    Packaged and released by Milezone in 2009, this is a White/Gray Typhoon that features red/white/blue firework graphics down each side and on the roof. Very rare, only 10 produced as noted by the backside of the package and each are numbered. Some numbers have been hand written, while others have been printed. This is deemed a "Code 3" which means: Models that were originally of Code 1 status, but whose livery or decorations have been altered, removed, or replaced by a third party without the agreement and acknowledgement of the manufacturer.


    CODE 1 - "Models that have been manufactured in their entirety by the manufacturer and have been distributed for sale to the general public through retail outlets, or by mail order."
    CODE 2 - " Models that were originally of a Code 1 status, but whose livery, or decorations, have been altered, removed, or replaced by a third party with the full agreement of the manufacturer; OR where a Code I model has not been made available to the general public through normal retail outlets or by mail order."

    CODE 3 -" Models that were originally of Code 1 status, but whose livery or decorations have been altered, removed, or replaced by a third party without the agreement and acknowledgement of the manufacturer."
    SyTy Registry

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    Was chatting with a diecast enthusiast and collector at a recent car show and he said JL was bought out by another company and that the SyTy moulds are around and that there are plans for more. Any idea if any of this is true?


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      Tomy now owns Johnny Lightning. This happened a few years back I believe. There is about to be a new Typhoon release with a boat/trailer combination. White and Black truck with red/black boat. I believe there will be a White Lightning version as well.
      SyTy Registry


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        Cool! Thanks. Historically inaccurate...but who cares! I'm buying! LOL.

        All you guys with white/white and black wheels...rejoice!


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          Great info!

          Just something to add to the red/grey Typhoon, there are actually 4 versions of it, with and without roof racks, and 2 different styles of wheels, makes finding them all fun.


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            There is also this postal truck which is not included on the list above.


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              Postal series had 2 different color trucks and 3 different stamps for each color. An endangered species stamp was available for each, white truck being an alligator and gold truck being a bird. There were 2 space fantasy gold trucks, each one having a different stamp. The white trucks had a space discovery and riverboat series. There was a white lightning in each color, the wheels say white lightning and the bottoms are white.

              Street freaks had a regular truck and a white lightning version. The white lightning version had white wheels instead of chrome and a silver bottom instead of gold.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200308_112845.jpg
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              Working class trucks had a regular and white lightning version. The white lightning had a white interior with white wheels instead of black.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200308_112815.jpg
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              Kiss trucks had a regular truck as well as white lightning. The white lightning had wheels that said white lightning as well as a white bottom.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200308_112835.jpg
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