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    Seeing as how we had 12 pre registered trucks before the new year, we figured we should start a running list of who's registered and attending. Last year we had 50 pre registered trucks, lets see how many we can get this year!!!! 75..... 100..... more. Let's make it the biggest gathering ever! When you register, please post your name and what you are bringing so we can keep a list. Thank you!

    1. Sportmachines 91 Syclone
    2. Sportmachines 92 Typhoon
    3. Sportmachines 93 Typhoon
    4. Sportmachines 93 Typhoon
    5. David Kress 90 Prototype
    6. David Kress 92 Sonoma GT
    7. David Kress 93 Typhoon
    8. Alex Hinson 92 Typhoon
    9 Alex Hinson 93 Typhoon
    10. Carl Beers 92 Typhoon
    11. Morgan Mikuletzky 93 Typhoon
    12. Graham 91 Syclone
    13. Keith 93 Typhoon

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    92 Sonoma gt not 93 typhoon I can’t work that kind of miracle yet lol


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      I forgot about that thing. I will edit.


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        I pre registered as well


        • #5
          I pre-registered add my Typhoon to the list.
          I have been working on the Sy but not looking like it will make it this year.



          • #6
            I have registered before the new year. The Canadians are coming!!!!! Still gotta book the hotel but that will be done this weekend.

            EDIT: Just booked Hotel.. Now I can't wait for August to come!
            Last edited by Syclone Rob; 04-14-2018, 12:41 PM.


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