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Belltech Leaf Spring Part Numbers

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  • Belltech Leaf Spring Part Numbers

    Belltech Leaf Spring Part Numbers:

    Syclone - 5954 - (
    These are the correct length and a good spring rate for Syclone.

    Typhoon - 5953 - (
    These are the correct length, but there seems to be some debate about the spring rate \ weight for Typhoon.

    These are listed as 3" drop springs, but they will only drop a Syclone \ Typhoon 1" - 1.5".

    JTR Setback Plates:

    You may find that as the rear of the truck is dropped with a drop spring, the wheel appears to move slightly further backward in the wheel well. A company called "Jags that Run" (JTR) makes a setback plate that will move the wheel back 1/2" in the wheelwell. It's small but noticeable. This will also lower the rear of the truck another 3/8" which is the thickness of the plates.


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