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Master Cylinder to Proportion valve HARD LINES NEEDED!

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  • Master Cylinder to Proportion valve HARD LINES NEEDED!

    So, I am replacing the master and proportioning valve, I went to put the lines in, but the one line is stripped.... UGH!!!
    I can't find any online. Does anyone make these or know where to buy?

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    The smaller length hardlines you're not going to find. You may get lucky and find full-truck-length direct-fit hardlines, but they may not include the short proportioning valve ones.

    You will have to buy straight lines from the auto parts store, and bend them to fit. Any auto parts store will have brake lines in various lengths and sizes. You'll need to use a bender to make them match the factory lines.

    Here is a full stainless direct-fit (probably not)
    Find 1992 CHEVROLET BLAZER Classic Tube Pre-Bent Brake Line Kits CT1122-SS and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Classic Tube manufactures top-quality, pre-bent brake lines from stainless steel or OE steel. Made with state-of-the-art, computer-driven CNC tube benders to factory specifications, these line kits come complete with fittings and are an exact match for your vehicle. Hundreds of Classic Tube kits are available, covering virtually every make, model, and braking system imaginable.

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