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Sticking caliper or....???

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  • Sticking caliper or....???

    Thought I'd put this here instead of Facebook where uninformed newbies might chime in.

    A few months ago, I drove my truck 30+ miles and the right front wheel starting "sticking." And by that I mean I would be at a light, lift my foot off the brake, and the car wouldn't move until i pressed the gas...after clunk in the front right.

    After some internet research, it has all the signs of a caliper piston sticking on the rotor. Finally had a chance to have my mechanic look at it the other day and he says the piston is not sticking...the brake is functioning normally...and that on a test drive, it did not fail in any way.

    So, question is...what else could it be (front diff?) and why did it only occur after a long drive? I've taken a few short trips in past few days and it does not stick.


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    Assuming he checked the guide pins on the caliper correct? CV axle starting to go out maybe?
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      Originally posted by SyTyRegistry View Post
      Assuming he checked the guide pins on the caliper correct? CV axle starting to go out maybe?
      He's a good mechanic so I'm trusting he checked the pins. The CV axle is another story. Would that get worse with the more distant I drive? Because I'm getting no symptoms on short drives. thx.


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        What about the brake hose itself?

        That can cause the same symptoms as a sticking caliper, but only sometimes shows itself when compressing the piston back into the caliper. If they are original, I would suggest replacing them both (and the rear one going down to the axle) just for piece of mind. I can't imagine it being more than $60 for three OE style brake hoses.
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          Thanks, Morgan. I think that's the way to go.

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        So, i took the truck out today (perfect weather) and start it up. This is the first time since I had it at the shop. Brake light is now and and I'm getting a click at the pedal when I first press the brake. (and each time I return to it). WTF. (meanwhile, caliper did not stick at all during drive today...about 10 miles).


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          My new theory - what are the chances this is an axle problem? I've had a constant leak from the front diff...could low fluid cause an occasional bind in "one" axle (PS) ? It's due for a level check but not more than 500 miles ago I checked and it was full. But there is a slow drip even as the truck sits. thanks.