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    Hi everyone, finally got the transmission rebuilt on my typhoon which was absolutley grenaded to the point we aren't even sure how it was driving so now its onto the tuning, i've been all through the basics and have got a velocity chip from turbo tweeks set up for a 3 bar map sensor and my local fuel etc. Dont have it in my budget at present to buy a scanmaster tool with the horrendous import charges we get stung with in the uk at this time and although it said a scanmaster tool is advisable i didn't realise i would need to hook her up when i first put the chip in ( i was thinking plug and play with an option for tuning), i have a lead to hook her up to a laptop with the little datalogger box and wondered if anyone here can point me in the direction of some software that will give me the same data as the scanmaster tool so i can play with my new chip? has an old pitbull chip ATM which I'm sure isn't helping with fuel costs amongst other things as she is clearly overfuleling looking at the exhaust output, i have an old laptop running windows 7 and also a newer one with windows 10 i would prefer to use , i did download tunerpro rt but it doesn't seem to be recognising its connected and isn't giving me any data, big shout out to sportsmachines as well who helped me with my order last time with some parts i needed, I'm not a complete idiot with ecu's and technology buy its all a bit new to me (used to a nice set of twin 40 webber dcoe's)

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    Did you download the definition file for Tunerpro?

    Also, check the COM Port if you can't get a connection.
    Attached is the ADX definition file for Tunerpro 5 RT that is made for the Velosyty chip. Use this if you are connecting directly to the ALDL port. This...

    Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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      awesome, thanks a lot


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        will this work if the velosyty chip isnt fitted?


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