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  • velosyty

    Need a bit of advice please gents, where is the timing wire i need to disconnect on my ty to check base timing? I got the velosyty chip as recommended here with a 3 bar map sensor from amazon(cheap) and fitted them(along with a memcal supplied by either sports machines or turbotweeks) . When i fit the new chip and map sensor the knock sensor light goes haywire on boost and the intake pipe before the turbo gets extremely hot compared to normal. Eric isn't the fastest at replying or answering questions and has suggested a few things such as checking the base timing which i will do this weekend but my question is could it be the new 3 bar map sensor i ordered causing that issue ? if they supplied me with a 2 or 1 bar by mistake could that cause the excessive intake heat? is there a way i can test the map sensor or see if its correct from the data i logged? Eric suggested the base timing or that i have a false knock but would that explain the excessive heat build up? thanks, Paul, somewhere in England...

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    The wiring to disconnect for timing is a tan wire along the firewall in the passenger floorboard. You'll have to pull the carpet back just a bit and it has a quick disconnect on it.


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      thanks for that, i would have spent ages looking :-)


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