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    In rebuilding my 1992 Typhoon I cannot get it to run right. Vacuum hoses are routed correctly. I have been trying my hand at tuning with a Moates setup (to scan/log, emulate and burn) with TunerProRT. I have used the Moates XDF to scan, and experimented with a couple of downloaded BIN files trying to see which would provide a good running "baseline" performance (start, idle, D/R, powersteering, AC, boost control).

    It was stupid rich and I have messed about with "BASE PULSE VS RPM and MAP" to lean it to the point it idles without setting off the garage smoke alarm. But I feel I am chasing my tail.

    When I compare my log files with what I see on Youtube the first thing that jumps at me is my ECM is not calculating "ENGINE AIRFLOW". Its zero. Also, with the engine off the MAP is reading 70kPa (it should be 101kPa....I am at sea level). With those two values not making any sense where do I start? I've already bought a new MAP with zero difference, so its not a sensor problem. IS the ECM bad?

    I am questioning everything: Do I have a good XDF that is decoding correctly? (I mean, I can see data, TPS is working, temps are being read, just MAP and Vacuum readings seem off, and I don;t seem to get to a Turbo Boost Pressure...). Do I have a good BIN for a stock 1992 Typhoon?


    1992 Typhoon

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    Your best bet would be to run a turbotweak chip, there has been extremely great feedback with these and Eric will set the tune for the combination you are running.

    Do you have the correct MAP sensor? Is it setup to run a 2 bar or a 3 bar, that will cause issues.


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      I have the 2 bar MAP sensor. I just want stock performance on this build (there is another build I will start once this one is good). I will reach out to Turbotweak....I have all the Moates kit to emulate and burn a chip so just need a known good BIN and help with troubleshooting the tune. I swapped to another ECM to see if that will help. Battery was flat so will go out to the workshop on Saturday morning.


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        The only tuning that I know done on our trucks using Moats and Tunerpro is with Code$59. I think they are all for 3 bar but I am not positive. I am not good enough with it to help you remotely.

        There is a member Wyosyclone you may try to send him a private message he is good and has been able to help others. It shows that he has not posted on this site. But has been active on the SyTy site you may have to go over there to contact him.

        As mentioned turbotweak is supposed to be more user friendly so that is an option.


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