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    Yesterday, the meth safety switch I installed on my truck proved itself. I gave the truck a little romping, and noticed that is was down on power. when I got home, I checked the meth pump and found it leaking pretty bad and needing to get rebuilt. To sum it up, the safety setup did not allow the truck to boost over 8psi, because the meth was not flowing and under pressure. This may have saved my motor.

    Here is part of my old write up from 2015 when I first installed the switch. More folks that use meth should do this. I am sure it would be easy to make work on a stock style external gate.

    Well...... It works like a champ. After some bench testing, I installed it. I used on of my 12v+ outputs from the Holley to only send power to the solenoid after the motor has revved past 2500 rpm, as this would eliminate any boost leakage at lower boost levels. The Holley can handle up to 2 amps on the output, and the solenoid only draws 500 miliamps. I had to bump the "initial" on my alky control to the 12:15 position, up from the 11:45 position that I had in order for it to build enough pressure when it first came on to be able to trigger the pressure sensor. I also lowered my "turn on" a little to avoid a boost bump caused by a lag between the initial turn on and full pressure building. It now comes on about 5 psi. I got brave and unhooked the gain controller from the main alky controller to simulate a total electrical failure, and the setup worked perfectly by limiting boost to spring pressure only, which in my case, is 8 psi. When everything is hooked up and working properly, you can't tell the safety solenoid is there, and boost is restored to my manual boost controller setting, which is 20 psi. Total cost = $0, thanks to a generous Tom at Sportmachines who gave me a spare stock boost control solenoid.