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  • MAP Sensor Identification Re-post

    "Knowledge" is of two types. That which you posess in your memory, and that which you know WHERE to go to find what you need.....

    For many years on the other board, when I needed to ID a MAP sensor, I would find this info by username. I knew where to go to get it. Now that it can be found again, I took the opportunity to copy it and repost it here. So now I know where to find it again. Thanks Adam.
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    Begin Copy/Paste:

    Originally posted by SyO237:
    GM MAP Sensor Identification - quick reference
    04-14-2006, 10:04 PM
    Thanks to SBNova for showing me this info.

    We all know we can not rely on telling if a MAP sensor is a 1, 2, or 3 Bar by the color of the insert (orange or black)

    So, here is the breakdown of what the stamped numbers mean on your MAP. There are 7 digits on the topside of the sensor. The first 3 digits is the pin number to what Bar it is, the second set of 4 digits refers to the manufacturer date.

    Pin numbers to what MAP you have:

    1 Bar: 039, 460, 883
    2 Bar: 886, 012, 539, 609
    3 Bar: 749

    The manufacturer date is decoded:
    Example: 1125
    So the sensor was made in 199"1" on the "125"th day of the year.

    End Copy/Paste

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    i entered "3 bar map sensor" into amazon and got one for peanuts, seems that they are all pretty universal aside from the pressure rating and the price can quadruple depending on where you get it from