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Have a hard miss at idle, but it runs pretty well off-idle? Reminder inside...

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  • Have a hard miss at idle, but it runs pretty well off-idle? Reminder inside...

    My 93 Ty is fairly original and un-dorked with. Other than the 2nd Gen brake upgrade a couple of years ago, I only work on it when something needs fixing. The engine is original and other than valve stem seals 15 years ago, it hasn't needed anything other than maintaince.

    It has had a pretty hard miss at idle for several months, but seemed to run fine off-idle. A few weeks ago when I did the motor mounts I checked the compression (160-170 on all), found and replaced 2 bad wires, and was surprised that it still idled like azz. Yesterday I decided to check the injector balance with my self-developed method (nope), looked at the spray pattern through the ports (nope), and ohmed the coils (nope, all good). So not the injectors, either.

    And then I saw a shiny spot above the #2-#4 intake port alongside the head. The gasket had blown out. We found the same thing on Paul-Z's Ty a year ago. Both trucks were originals, and have about the same mileage in service. I never would have seen this without the intercooler and possibly the throttle body as well, removed. I know guys talk about the gasket blowing into the valley, but I've never seen that. This is 2 for 2 that blew on the top side where it is "findable". Both trucks had the OEM aluminum sandwich intake gaskets.

    So I renewed the gaskets (I used the Felpro 1202's), I also took the opportunity to change the pick-up coil in the distributor and the oil press sending unit as they were accessible with the upper off. I also re-did my purple wire relay setup to a cleaner deal I do now instead of the cobbled thing I did 20 years ago. Again, because the wiring on the firewall was easy to access.

    So 2 easy days in my shop, and it purrs like a stock Ty through an ATR exhaust should..

    Merry Christmas
    Dave P

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    Merry Xmas Dave! I lost your Number or would have Called. Great write up!


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      I used the 1202 FelPro performance gaskets. The exhaust ports in the gaskets are blocked. The day after I finished this up, I ran the 500 miles to Reno for Christmas Week. I got a couple of CEL's, yep, Code 32 EGR. I didn't at first make the correlation, but eventually I did: I forgot to open up the hole in the passenger side gasket. I think I had the same problem in DesertSy; forgot to open up the hole. The lack of EGR didn't seem to affect the way it ran, and this 1,000 mile trip was one of the most pleasant I've had in this Ty in years. Cruise control works. New round tires. And it runs great. It doesn't even need to pass Cali emissions any more as I have it domiciled in a non-inspected area. I may just leave it alone..

      Thanks for checking-in, Neil


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        Hello old friend. Your post is good info on checking for the miss at idle. And also for the reminder on opening up the exhaust ports on the new gaskets that we need to use for our trucks now.

        I am down to the Royal Ty and the Syclone now. Sold the black Ty. Having two trucks that are stock and near stock are so much easier to maintain. But you have always known that.


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          Hi there yourself Mr. First Post Wildphil. Welcome to the secret club. It's pretty quiet here, but Adam R has a good concept, and hopefully with time things will pick up a little, and we can have some fun and good times like the good ol days.

          I forgot you had a Royal. Refresh my memory. That's Steve Mikleson's former truck, right? That one did a couple of cross country trips with Steve when he was a Navy guy. I still enjoy mine, even more so with the improvements made since I sold DesertSy and put the Ty back in service as my errand car, and the one I use for trips if I don't need the towing capacity of the Super Duty, which you've rode in in Indy when I brought the engine for your Syclone. Glad to hear the Sy worked out for you.

          I occasionally reflect on, or tell the story of you and your son (sorry, I don't recall his name) and I meeting up in Breckenridge when I did my Corvette deal in '16. Running the fire roads in a Rental Kia. Nothing handles like a Rental. I haven't had occasion to get back up there since that trip. That was fun. Good times.

          Hope to see you on here occasionally now, Phil. Take care.


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            I do miss the fun times we used to have in the old days. Hopefully, enough folks will join here and we can have many more years of fun.

            The first Royal that I owned was Steve's former truck. And it was a pretty nice one. But I found another Royal in Texas. It had less mileage and it was in a little nicer condition. So I sold the one I picked up from Steve to get the Texas Royal. The Sy that I bought turned out to be a great truck. The cheap paint job is the only thing wrong with it. But it is good enough for now. The engine you found for me worked out perfectly. I still have not installed the mirrors that you wired up for me.

            Cory(my son) and I were just talking about that trip last week. The home of your friend is one that we will never forget. Such a beautiful home in a perfect setting.


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              This sounds like a ton of fun! Reminds me a lot of the group I hung out with a few years ago. Life got in the way, unfortunately.