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Turbo noise?

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  • Turbo noise?

    Background- Recovered theft auction purchase with unknown mods from previous owner(s)
    Normal wear and tear, hack-jobs appear to be limited to non-existent.

    Except a cornball CAI consisting of a flex elbow and crap filter, also a manual boost controller
    plumbed inline with the stock boost controller valve. All factory air intake parts MIA.

    Builds boost normally, but makes a 'whooshing' sound when lifting off. I have another turbo
    car without BOV and I know what back surge/flutter sounds like. A couple threads suggest
    the sounds is normal and only noticeable with short CAI.

    Would I be on a wild goose chase to be looking into the possibility of a partially stuck open
    EGR valve? The truck idles slightly rough, but not enough to worry me, so not sure where
    to look...

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    A large pod filter that is close to the compressor inlet will magnify the compressor sounds. So the turbo should be noticeably louder.

    Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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      Sounds like youre hearing the wastegate if it happens when you let off.