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My Flex Plate is Toast Replacement help!

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  • My Flex Plate is Toast Replacement help!

    So seems my Flexplate has some missing teeth , and needs replacement. What is the best way to remove the dreaded Top Transmission Bolt on the houseing? any help is deeply appreciated!

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    I personally never had a lot of issue reaching it from the engine bay. Albeit, most of the time the engine was coming out so I pulled the distributor for more clearance. I pulled a trans at a race years ago and we jacked up on the tailshaft housing to tilt everything forward. Gave more access. Obviously the crossmembers need to be lose and the top bolt doesn't need to be the last one out, but that method helps.
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      Thanks for the Tip!


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        I wasn't so good at removed the top bolts from the top. On my truck, it was tough to get a wrench on the bolt. It worked for me but I only removed them that way once. I think that the jacking up the trans method is a great idea.

        I have a super long extension for my ratchet. The extension with a universal or even a wabble extension will work well. Works best for me. So if you have trouble with the top method there is at least one alternative.


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          If the transmission is coming out, but the engine staying in, the top ones are easy with long extensions, the t-case removed, and the cross-member out.
          If the engine is coming out but the transmission is staying in, I remove the upper intake and distributor and access the top two from above.

          The fussiest one for me is the upper RH side one that has the stud on it for the exhaust hanger. There isn't straight-on access to it because of the down-pipe, and a deep socket is too deep to get on there with a swivel. It fights me every time. The top ones are easy.


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            Dave Thank you for the Tips and Everyone else. Took me 9 hours but its done now.