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Plastic Welding Cladding -- Best Stuff to use?

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  • Plastic Welding Cladding -- Best Stuff to use?

    Thought this would be a good topic here vs FB, but whats everyone's go to for plastic welding the tabs back onto cladding? I know some use the 3M 05883 Rigid Parts Repair kit to glue them back on but I've seen some welded before. The few pieces I have that have been welded vs reglued have held up better. I also heard of using sheetrock mesh tap as a re-enforcer as well and to weld that on. But the question is, whats the best type of plastic to use as the filler? Or is all the same? I've never done plastic welding so I'm still a greenhorn and learning everything. I did get some ABS plastic sticks to try. Got a few scrap pieces of cladding that I plan on testing. If there's others who have wondered about this as well and know of some plastic filler I could try and test, let me know as well. Would be curious to see how each type holds up.

    And by scrap pieces of cladding, i mean scraps. I have a door panel that is in 6 pieces now and I only have 5. Its beyond repair but would make a good test subject for various plastic welding attempts. I also have a rocker piece that shattered when it broke in half so there's a lot of missing pieces. I was thinking of attempting to weld it back together and fill in the holes. See if it was possible to repair something so broken.
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    I have been using this stuff and have not had a single repair I’ve done with it fail over the 6 years of syty ownership.


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