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How good were the factory paint jobs on the Ty?

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  • How good were the factory paint jobs on the Ty?

    I just purchased a 93 red/red Ty with only 32k miles on it, and of that, 30k were put on it in the first three years and then it was garaged and hasn’t been registered in years. Carfax is clean one owner and the person I bought it from days it’s the original paint. It does have knicks, scratches, and rock chips consistent with 30k miles and is still all single stage. There are a few very tiny fisheyes in s few panels but other than that I don’t see any evidence to support it’s ever actually been resprayed. No overspray, no hard lines in jams, no color variations, consistent orange peel, and the original dealer appliqué where it was purchased is still on the tailgate. There is a fisheye on said tailgate, one small one on the hood, and one small one on the right fender. Nothing on the cladding and they appear to be original and slightly more faded than the body.

    it really looks like original paint to me and I am in the field (no access to a paint depth gauge for now though) and am very familiar with what to look for on a respray. Is it possible that these imperfections are factory? It is an early-90’s GM product at the end of the day. Thanks!

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    I don't recall seeing fisheye in any of the early 90's factory paint. But I would not be surprised if happened. It sure had issues adhering to the surface of the vehicles it was painted on.
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      Fisheyes aren't very prevalent on Typhoons.
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        OP removed his post asking about RPO's on his SPID.
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