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How-to: Replacing Metal Intercooler Lines

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  • How-to: Replacing Metal Intercooler Lines

    When GM set out to build the Syclone & Typhoon, the engineering gurus assigned to engine design decided that having crimped metal lines with many bends and twists would be ideal for feeding the water to air intercooler system. Apparently, they never had the enjoyment of working on these trucks either.

    These metal lines intertwine through the engine bay (gaining heat along the way), and just get in the way almost every time you work on the engine by obstructing your targeted area that you want to work on. On top of the poor design, it is not uncommon for the black finish to flake off leaving your lines open to rust and corrosion. The now common fix for this hair pulling design flaw is to replace them with rubber heater hose (3/4"), and run them along the back of the engine, or through the passenger fender. This will keep heat out, and provide for quicker flow and ease in removal of the intercooler.

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