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    5/25/15 - I ended up doing the 12 bolt and everything else - just had some long nights:

    Fought the hydroboost yesterday for hours - new rod is in and cured a few other odds and ends with the wastegate. Thought I was going to have to move the oil fill cap but it clears the gate. Just about did me in. There are always so many little issues that are hard to explain that can take hours to fix.

    Its going to my friends for the remaining brake lines and 12 bolt install as things have gotten busy for me. When it comes back I will need to do the water tank, water lines, driveshaft, and other odds and ends. I am looking forward to using the holley software on the street. I use HP tuners on another one of my vehicles and the capability and integration of the Holley is just awesome. Idles great with the Holley 120 lb injectors - just need to work on cold startups.

    I have learned a lot on this project to say the least and I hope by sharing information if anybody else does an lsx swap they may be able to take something from this thread.


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      Talked to a guy named Jim at hydratech about my hydroboost system and ordered a master cylinder that will better fit my application. If anybody out there has a hydroboost need - this guy is super informative.

      Going with Cal trac rear leafs (which you can order with a 2" drop which is nice) and their caltracs.


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        6-10-2015 - running those -16 lines in a pain. I ended up using lines from the marine industry

        Update - my buddy is busy too so I've started on rear swap. Using wildwood rear drag style brakes. Need to weld spring perches on to set the pinion angle.

        After rear is in it's brake lines, make a driveshaft, change shift lever in the transmission......

        Water tank needs mounted and plumbed too. Going to use -16 water lines up and back to the tank in the bed.


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          From another forum I found the sonax unit. Called the tech line to get info on it but I think the tech guy didn't understand what I was trying to do (I don't blame him - since the trucks are rare as soon as you mention Syclone people get lost. I will use the term "Sonoma" with any tech line from now on unless it's syty specific). I just went ahead and bought it on eBay after doing a little more reading. Hope it works. If anybody has a gm older selector shaft let me know I still may need it.

          Got some brake line in to make up the rest of my system. Sportmachines kit is awesome, but I can only use about half of it since this truck is rather different from stock. Tom is a wealth of knowledge on this stuff and has been a great dude to bounce ideas off of as well as Renz.

          After brakes and trans shift shaft deal I need to finish the intercooler water tank plumbing to the five gallon cell in the bed.


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            7-11-2015 - napa lol

            It's 1 am. Short shifter shaft is in and my buddy helped me bleed brakes which took about 100x longer than it should have (errors on my part coupled with a difficult system).

            Getting closer.


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              7-16-2015 - truck was up and running and we had a little fun with it on the street


              Hope to bring to Carlisle unless I hang the rods out of it or something stupid


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                10-2-2015 - ended up having issues with boost control on the dyno but laid down reasonable numbers at low boost - boost control issues solved now obviously and it makes a lot more power

                boost in the mid teens made 788 awhp.

                May start a new thread with new updates. Having boost control issues so I'm going to take some time, fix it, and do a little more r&d before I do.



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                  12-4-2015 - I was having issues on the street making the truck go straight. So this was my thought at the time. Ended up keeping awd and I'm happy I did. Its more stock that way lol.

                  Going to get some flack for this but - might convert to 2wd. Hmmmm

                  I am frustrated with torque steer.
                  I am not throwing in the towel yet.

                  Hoping to make some more power first though with more boost. The dyno I use here is a real heartbreaker compared to others I have been on lol.

                  I did a Holley dash and got everything working, and now my good friend is taking care of some odds and ends getting rid of most stock wiring and everything behind the dash. I have some transmission things to clear up once it's back and then I will play with it some more.

                  I have another project I'm finishing so this truck will remain a radical street car until I cage it.
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                    7-17-2016 started making some power:

                    913 awhp at 21 lbs. conservative timing.

                    Pushed it harder and wasn't able to make pull - moves on dyno too much.



                    More pulls from the weekend.......


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                      7/27/2016 - my buddy had mentioned the bed moves on hwy pulls. I have not seen this to me true as it is not braced and we are running in the 5's

                      While making a pull in Mexico this weekend my friend behind me mentioned that the bed and cab are definately moving. Will work on bracing.


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                          4/21/2017 - powertrax locked installed and the truck was totally different on the street. Still needed a LOT of work at the track to get it working, I will share that info later on this forum.

                          Update - power trax lock rite installed up front - it's like a whole new truck. Just from a few launches I am very happy! There is a lot of bad information on the lock rites from what I can tell - so far I'm pleased w mine.


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                            Got to make two passes yesterday. First one was a lazy 6.70 and then ran a 6.2 at 115 1.4 60ft.

                            I have a lot of work to do to figure out how to get this thing down the track. Datalog shows I am peddling it like crazy until it clicks into 3rd. It wish I had a steering wheel sensor to figure out how much I'm moving the wheel lol. I really want to get into the 5.7-5.8 range - makes enough power but I have to figure things out.



                            leaving on 6 lbs.

                            its all over the place on the track to the point the tps dips to 25% at one point - when it clicks into 3rd then the tps finally sees 100%

                            I will figure it out.......nothing is easy on these trucks lol

                            7/2/2017 BOOM figured it out

                            5.89 120.7 1.39 60 ft.
                            Revised some front end geometry.
                            Lowered boost - track was hot.
                            Still on 17 in DOT radials.


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                              I just read through all of this and now I want to build an LS truck again.... damnit.... lol

                              You have an amazing truck.
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                                toasted the stock iron block

                                lsx time with more boost......