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    So I'm in England and sy/ty's are a very rare sight( in 49 years or drag racing and shows all over the country i have never seen another), i've owned mine nearly 6 months and been to a good few cruises/shows in it and only one person had a clue what it was :-) , so what i have over here is actually the perfect farm truck style sleeper. So what is the fastest typhoon that still runs 4wd and the v6 engine? aside from the 3 bar map sensor and velocity chip i have in the garage mine is stock but still surprises the hell out of everyone who thinks its just an old truck with a body kit on! What power is the stock bottom end good for? I have heard someone over here runs one at 600bhp using meth injection but have no idea what else he has had done to it and I'm so impressed with it i am looking at replacing my 30th anniversary SS Camaro with a syclone so i have a pair but they probably only come up for sale every 5 years or so over here, I'm not interested in doing an LS swap but have a substantial amount of knowledge regarding nitrous so will shortly be adding a small shot off the line just to spool the turbo up :-) I have a 4 year old daughter who is now addicted to the turbo lag and her favourite saying atm is "lets go turbo " :-)

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    I think Frank holds the record, in the low 10s with a V6 AWD typhoon.

    Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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      Have you seen the guy on facebook and youtube called "Mr Syclone"? apparently he runs high 8's in his beast which is still a v6 awd, think he is in sweeden


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