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  • Time Slip Contribution Thread

    If you wish to be on the NEW list that we're trying to compile for trucks and times, please enter your information below.

    UPLOAD A TIMESLIP!!!!! Please please please, as much as we would like to take everyones word for it, this really needs to be documented with proof if possible. If you have a time slip available, please attach it to your post. The information we are after is as follows;

    Date of pass:
    (you can add any other categories you see fit here, 60', 1/8th mile, etc.)
    Truck: Syclone, Typhoon or Sonoma GT
    Drivetrain: AWD or 2WD
    Engine: LS, Bowtie V6, Stock Block, etc.
    Transmission: 700R4, 4L80E, TH400, Powerglide, T56, etc.
    Other drivetrain mods: Turbo, NO2, Meth, A/A, Holley Dominator, Vortec Heads, etc.

    All of the information posted here will be taken and entered into the master database which will also be in this forum, stay tuned.
    Morgan - ISTR Executive Director

    93 Typhoon #0180 || 93 Typhoon #1579 || 92 Typhoon #1068 || 52 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe
    85 Volvo 745 Turbo Diesel || 06 GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 CCLB SRW LBZ SLT || 07 CGMC Sierra 2500HD 4x4 CCSB LBZ SLT

    WTB : 93 Typhoon #1682

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    Name: Jason Roy
    Date of pass: Sometime this year (June/April hell I don't remember)
    Track: Portland International Raceway
    ET: 11.37
    MPH: 114mph
    1/8 ET 7.18 @96mph
    60ft 1.54 best
    Truck: Syclone
    Drivetrain: AWD
    Engine: Stock Bottom End, Stock heads, Comp 412 Cam, Springs/Retainers, Stock manifolds
    Transmission: Stock 700R4, vette servo
    Other drivetrain mods: TT Chip, Walbro 450, 80lb injectors, e85, air to air intercooler, drag radials, Precision 6266 gen2, Turbosmart External WG

    Included fastest pass and one slightly slower with better 60ft

    Click image for larger version  Name:	40219580_448856908936786_7006300491206361088_n.jpg Views:	1 Size:	81.2 KB ID:	1528
    Click image for larger version  Name:	35369023_382046232284521_1197910565477941248_n.jpg Views:	1 Size:	61.8 KB ID:	1527
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      Not fast but not bad for a 92 show truck either. Built stock block .040 over DSS Pistons, eagle rods, Steve Morris cam, #80 injectors, L35 heads, E85, precision 62/66, built 4L60 and only 16 Lbs of boost. Recently turned up boost got to 25 injectors were over 100 duty cycle so I'm back to 21lbs around 98 duty cycle 😬. Needs Bigger injectors but not ready for stand alone might run the strip this fall.
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        1992 GMC Typhoon “Clone”
        Stock Block .030, Nitrided Crank, Eagle H Beam rods, comp cam spec’d Harry Anderson, Comp Magnum rockers, comp Magnum pushrods and hyd lifters, Vortec Heads Ported, Custom Headers and Downpipe by Leith Mease, Ported Stock Intake upper and lower, Built 700r4 by Cottman Teansmission, GT35R Turbo, Large Air To Air Intercooler with Big Stuff 3, Tuned by Harry Anderson ..
        11.20 @ 120mph Click image for larger version

Name:	75A1C521-6246-4E1C-9F57-7CF68B606178.png
Views:	398
Size:	1.00 MB
ID:	1537 on 18 psi Boost 93 octane fuel
        May 2008



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          Richmond Dragway
          Oct.19th, 2018
          right lane.
          60’: 1.77
          1/8: 7.55@ 94.86
          1/4: 12.17@ 93.73 (charge pipe blew off)

          4.3 6266PTE, .030 TRW pistons, 422 Cam, 1.6 rockers, 60#, Turbotweak, 3” Turbo back exhaust ,18psi, CAM2 116 fuel, walbro 255, LB4 heads,
          700r4 built by Dr Phil, 3000 triple disc lock up converter.
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            Update: Fixed my intake piping issue and went back to Richmond dragway on 11/17/18 and made 2 passes. The first one sucked ass but the second pass was exactly what I was hoping for, Same mods as above 20psi, 17* WOT timing, 50/50 mix of 110 and 93


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              Brandon A.
              Pittsburgh Raceway Park
              V6 stock block
              Mods: 67mm, Brodix 8s, FAST classic, A2A, headers, 218 cam

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              Why is EVERYBODY racing on low boost?


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                So after a motor rebuild and some updates over the winter #569 is now in the 10's

                Video for fun:


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                  Michael G
                  Muncie IN dragway
                  Awd syclone #1373
                  76mm, 6L iron block 370, holley efi on 17lbs e85
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                    Originally posted by Skolman91 View Post
                    Michael G
                    Muncie IN dragway
                    Awd syclone #1373
                    76mm, 6L iron block 370, holley efi on 17lbs e85
                    Awesome! I really dig your truck. Pretty much the perfect setup for my tastes. Congrats dude!
                    Syclone #1596
                    ISTR Treasurer & Underwear Model


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                      Originally posted by sytyguy View Post

                      Awesome! I really dig your truck. Pretty much the perfect setup for my tastes. Congrats dude!
                      Thanks, lots of time and money into it, truck is for sale on CL and fb currently.


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                        Mike Hernandez
                        1/26/2020 Autoclub Dragstrip
                        118 mph
                        Syclone RWD # 1413
                        V6 stock block 4.3
                        Powerglide transmission
                        3.08 gear
                        Factory 7.5 rearend with F Body Posi
                        9.5 inch Edge converter 3500 stall

                        setup is : Ported L35 Heads, 415 comp cam,
                        PT6262 turbo , RPM manifold, upper plenum 80lb injectors, TT chip, E85.

                        Suspension is Caltrac bars and monoleaf .
                        Front Coilovers from JSM.
                        No swaybar .
                        Tires : 28x10.5 x15 on 15x10 weld prostars
                        15x4 front skinnies on a M/T sportsman 28x 7
                        Skinny .

                        This has been my only pass with this setup on Rwd and
                        had to let off just pass the 1000ft mark because I ran out of gear because my converter is still too loose . 1/8 mile time is legit though . 1/4 mile time should of been
                        3 tenths faster but I had to let off . Got to take the tranny out again and send the converter back for the second time because it is too loose. This pass was at 25-26lbs of boost.
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                          Irwindale Dragstrip 1/8 mile
                          May 30, 2020
                          6.39 at 110
                          6466 PTE , e85, 30psi .
                          2wd, Powerglide , M/T 28x10.5 PBR
                          Attached Files


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                            1/8 mile personal best.
                            1st pass at 27psi and 2nd pass at 30psi.
                            Attached Files


                            • #15
                              Jacob chmielewski
                              5.39 1/8 mile
                              top end dragway MN
                              summer of 2020
                              leaf springs w/caltracs. Stock (ish) differentials.
                              awd bowtie v6, twin 69's, th400, low mph because i let off early.
                              goals for 2021 are 4's in the 1/8, 7's in the 1/4 with an awd single turbo bowtie v6.


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