Hi Dave

I've been absent for a bit and found out the .net site is down. So all the SYTY stuff is on here and facebook now apparently. Anyway. My Typhoon has been down for about a year. Can't figure it out. Check my post in the tuning section please. Essentially I am getting no serial data from the ALDL, and the truck acts like it's in limp mode permanently. It starts and idles but it eventually deteriorates to sputtering and dying. The check engine flickers randomly but never stays on. When I jumper A to B all I get is the standard code 12. My TTS Datamaster will not connect and the Bluetooth ALDL adapter times out. I've tried 2 separate ECMs, Had the MEMCAL/EPROM reflashed, and changed all the usual sensors, and entire ignition system including the distributor itself. It's like the EPROM is not even coming online to go into open loop operation. I slaved in a TurboTweak chip/adapter and had the same results. But the TurboTweak chip requires the MEMCAL to be piggybacked onto it, so...The only real common denominator is the MEMCAL. All the wiring and grounds are checking good so far. I'm pretty lost now. I'd love for someone to try my MEMCAL in a known good truck to see if my thinking is right. But living out here in the middle of the desert makes that difficult. Do you have any ideas on what I should be looking at that I may have missed? I am trying not to miss the RadWood show for the second year in a row. It's looking grimm.