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Sonoma GT Color Breakdown UPDATE!

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  • Sonoma GT Color Breakdown UPDATE!

    For over two decades, SyTy Enthusiasts have researched, theorized, guessed and some have flat out pulled numbers out of thin air with respects to the number of trucks produced and/or their respective color production totals. Even with all of the information we have today, we may still find that there is something we don't know or information we currently have being proven false. Without having every single truck lined up side by side, there will always be a certain degree of error surrounding the facts and figures of these trucks.

    ISTR has been taking on the tedious task of researching every single truck and trying to solve the ultimate SyTy mystery question...... how many of these things are still out there?

    Nevertheless, this post has to do with a recent correction on the previous SGT color totals, that if you haven't been in the SyTy community long, might not know that they have changed a few times over the years. So let's revisit those old facts and figures and see what has changed over the years.

    We should look back at the old sportmachines database as the grandfather of SyTy data tracking and production/color total keeping. Created in the late 90's/early 2000's, with another update and facelift coming in the late 2000's, it still serves as a decent reference for information on these trucks. Some information has been found to be incorrect with regards to colors on both SGTs and Typhoons, but remember, everything on that site was entered by hand by I believe multiple people over a long period of time until it was completed.

    If you research SGT's the database today, it will yield close, but not accurate totals for the colors or the total amount of trucks produced.

    Black/Black (410 Total)
    Black/Gray (40 Total)
    White/Gray (103 Total)
    Red/Gray (179 Total)
    Teal/Gray (49 Total)
    Forest Green/Gray (14 Total)
    Aspen Blue/Gray (14 Total)

    For you mathematicians out there, those numbers add up to 809, which is 3 more than what has been proven via multiple sources over the years.

    Sometime in the mid-2000's, a highly respected member with a vast knowledge of SyTys as well as paperwork made a post with not only some new numbers but also a detailed vin by vin color breakdown of the SGTs.

    Circa 2006?
    Black/Black (408 Total)
    Black/Gray (41 Total)
    White/Gray (101 Total)
    Red/Gray (180 Total)
    Teal/Gray (48 Total)
    Forest Green/Gray (14 Total)
    Aspen Blue/Gray (14 Total)

    As you can see, these numbers are not far off from the previous total, but there were some changes and the total was adjusted to now known correct, 806 trucks.

    A few years later, another member went above and beyond their duty as a SyTy owner and purchased (with the help of a little fundraising) information from CompNine, which is a VIN decoder company that keeps records and information about most domestic and some import vehicles. All of the VIN's were ran for the Syclones, Typhoons and Sonoma GT trucks and was put into multiple files showing color breakdown for all the trucks, options, build dates and more. This new information once again reshaped the landscape of the SyTy community, here are the SGT figures as the were eventually sorted out.

    Circa 2009?
    Black/Black (406 Total)
    Black/Gray (30 Total)
    White/Gray (107 Total)
    Red/Gray (179 Total)
    Teal/Gray (54 Total)
    Forest Green/Gray (14 Total)
    Aspen Blue/Gray (14 Total)

    Again, numbers bounced around a little bit, still keeping close to their previous totals, with the biggest change coming to the Black/Gray total. We were unable to figure out who posted these totals once the information was released, but these figures have been the ones that were considered accurate for the past decade, were published on wikipedia as well as various other spots all over the web. Unfortunately, there was one minor oversight, the total of those numbers only adds up to 804, and even the information from CompNine shows 806 vins and we knew that prior to dealing with CompNine as well, but nobody noticed.... until yesterday.

    Yesterday, about a week after a fellow ISTR member purchased one of the rare Aspen Blue / Argent Gray Sonoma GTs, we decided to sort through the files just for fun, to see how many of the "14" Aspens came with a Cassette player, and how many came with CD Players. Since we are still working on the new database, we just did it via good old paper and pen and began to write down all of the VIN's for the Aspens, then went and looked each truck up and recorded which radio it had. When we were done, we found that 10 trucks had Cassette decks, and 5 trucks had CD Players....... wait, what? How are their 15....... (takes off shoe) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6........ 13, 14... 15!!! Ummmmm, ok, so what other color has too many trucks? :scrolls through color totals: Oh look at that, only 804 trucks... so what other truck is missing!? Of course, it's one of the Forest Greens, there were 15 of those too!

    I cannot pretend to know what was going on when the last totals were posted, I know I personally shared those totals various times over the past 10 years, not once did I ever think to add them up and see if they came to 806, but clearly those two individual trucks were just missed.

    As of yesterday, these are the most accurate totals for the SGT's

    Total - Feb 19th 2020 - 806
    Black/Black (406 Total)
    Black/Gray (30 Total)
    White/Gray (107 Total)
    Red/Gray (179 Total)
    Teal/Gray (54 Total)
    Forest Green/Gray (15 Total)
    Aspen Blue/Gray (15 Total)

    So what does this mean? Did the value of a an Aspen for Forest SGT just drop? No, they are still the rarest color SGT.s in an already rare segment of the compact sport truck market. Will it **** up your license plate if you have " 1 OF 14" on your Aspen? yes, yes it will, sorry about that.

    Here are the VINs and build dates for the 15 Aspen and 15 Forest Green trucks.

    Aspen Blue SGT's
    01. 1GDCS14W7N0820090 1991-10-14
    02. 1GDCS14W7N0820106 1991-10-14
    03. 1GDCS14W6N0820131 1991-10-21
    04. 1GDCS14W7N0820137 1991-10-21
    05. 1GDCS14W4N0820189 1991-10-21
    06. 1GDCS14W5N0820234 1991-10-28
    07. 1GDCS14W9N0820284 1991-10-28
    08. 1GDCS14W8N0820311 1991-11-04
    09. 1GDCS14W5N0820332 1991-11-04
    10. 1GDCS14W7N0820333 1991-11-04
    11. 1GDCS14W9N0820365 1991-11-04
    12. 1GDCS14W2N0820370 1991-11-04
    13. 1GDCS14W4N0820435 1991-11-11
    14. 1GDCS14W5N0820475 1991-12-09
    15. 1GDCS14W7N0820493 1992-01-10

    Forest Green SGT's
    01. 1GDCS14W9N0820544 1992-02-27
    02. 1GDCS14W7N0820591 1992-03-10
    03. 1GDCS14W9N0820639 1992-04-14
    04. 1GDCS14W4N0820645 1992-04-15
    05. 1GDCS14W3N0820653 1992-04-22
    06. 1GDCS14W0N0820660 1992-04-23
    07. 1GDCS14W1N0820666 1992-04-27
    08. 1GDCS14W3N0820670 1992-04-28
    09. 1GDCS14WXN0820679 1992-05-04
    10. 1GDCS14W4N0820709 1992-05-19
    11. 1GDCS14W8N0820731 1992-05-27
    12. 1GDCS14W8N0820745 1992-06-09
    13. 1GDCS14W9N0820754 1992-06-15
    14. 1GDCS14W0N0820772 1992-06-22
    15. 1GDCS14W1N0820800 1992-06-30

    Just out of curiosity and for fact checking, we went and searched the trucks on the sportmachines database to see which ones aren't included in the 15 we have on our lists, since 14 has been the number for over 20 years, even though it should have been updated in 2009. The two trucks in question are highlighted in bold above.

    SGT #365 is listed as a Frost White/Argent Gray, but unfortunately has no ownership entries nor any other information entered or pictures stored.

    SGT #745 is listed as a Black/Black, also has no ownership entries, but does have a note from 2016 that states, "Found in u pull and pay junkyard in Cincinnati Ohio. Truck has been crushed". Sadly, no color was noted, however even 4 years later, information is still out there, and that VIN pops up on an auto salvage site that once had this information in it's listing for the truck,

    1GDCS14W8N0820745, Original green Gmc Sonoma at ... › 182144378-1992-gmc-sonoma
    Vin – 1GDCS14W8N0820745: Bid and win 1992 GMC Sonoma 6 Cyl for sale at WEST CHESTER, OH

    Unfortunately no pictures were to be found but they did have the truck listed as green which does support our case and prove yet another error in the old sportmachines database.

    EDIT: Member Nathan K did us a solid and was able to find some pictures of #745 that confirms it was in fact a Forrest Green SGT.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_711.jpg
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Size:	117.1 KB
ID:	2193
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_712.jpg
Views:	974
Size:	109.3 KB
ID:	2194

    Hopefully we will have the new ISTRegistry done sometime in 2020 and we can provide even more updated information about these trucks. Thanks for reading!
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