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BBCodes and Embedding in Posts

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  • BBCodes and Embedding in Posts

    vBulletin supports a wide array of BBCodes and custom tags. While not a full list, I'll outline some of the most useful ones here. And remember that at any time you can click the Advanced Editor (the A next to the Smiles icon) and do most of these things with a click of a button.

    HTML Code:
    Bold = [b]Bold - Bolds your text[/b]
    Italics = [i]Italics[/i] - Italicizes your text
    Underline = [u]Underline[/u] - Underlines your text
    The above codes will either bold your text, italicize your text, or underline your text.

    HTML Code:
    [list=1][*]Buy a SyTy[*]Buy a set of jackstands[*]Boost launch your truck[*]Use jackstands[/list]
    The above code will create a numbered list like so:
    1. Buy a SyTy
    2. Buy a set of jackstands
    3. Boost launch your truck
    4. Use jackstands
    HTML Code:
    [url=]The SyTy Registry Forums![/url]
    The above code will add a named link (url) to your post, like this - The SyTy Registry Forums!

    HTML Code:
    The above code will produce an embedded image, like so:

    HTML Code:
    The above code will embed a video into the post, like so:

    For a full list of codes, please visit -
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