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    Just saying hello. I currently own Syclone #0919. I bought it last year as a project truck. It was previously a project truck for the last two owners. Currently stripped down to the bare frame and trying to make some progress on getting it back together. I did own a Typhoon years ago but sold it. Ive been over on the other forum, but it seems like the community has kinda fallen apart, and everything is very quiet compared to years ago when I was on there all the time.

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    Welcome back!

    Good to see a truck being put back together and not parted out. So many "projects" get parted these days. What's the plan on your truck - staying stock or doing some mods? Ive always sorta wanted to give my truck a strip down to the frame and just basically powdercoat and clean everything up. It's definitely a huge task....lots of pics and documentation to do it without getting lost.

    Post up some pics! There's also a section for doing project threads you can start to keep a timeline history of your progress.

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