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Steering Shaft Bushing Adapter

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  • Steering Shaft Bushing Adapter

    On our S-Trucks there's a rubber bushing where the steering shaft emerges on the engine side of the firewall. On many trucks this bushing has been abused for 25+ years and it creates a way for the steering shaft to flex instead of transmitting movement directly from the steering wheel to the steering box.

    GM has an alternate version of this bushing that replaces the stock rubber bushing with a metal bearing and polymer adapter \ retainer.

    The part number for the adapter is 7805822.
    The part number for the bearing is 7805700.

    You need both of these parts together to update this steering bushing and eliminate it as a potential source of slop. Again, these are GM Part numbers, you can find them online or order from any GM dealership.

    ETA: Sportmachines also sells them together as a kit for about the same cost. (
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