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Dimmer Control For Add-on Gauges

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  • Dimmer Control For Add-on Gauges

    Installing some gauges on the a-pillar for my Sy and was going to pull power for the illumination from the harness at the dimmer wheel. I don't have the wiring diagram for that switch in the supplement and cannot hook up the battery right now due to other work. What wires do I need to tap to have dimmer control for the lights?

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    The dimmer circuit isn't really available at the rear of the light switch. It is a green wire, but is not fused at that point. The best way to tap inst lamp power is at the fuse box taps. These are above the fuses. Look for little "L" colored GREEN. There should be some green plugs with gray wires already in some of the taps. If all are full, tap onto one of the gray wires. These taps are after the fuse, and are intended for aftermarket equipment. These taps are also excellent for obtaining the power for the pillar gauges as well. "IGN", I think the L's are white for IGN taps. Pink wires, clear connector bodies for IGN.

    EDIT: The gray wire inst lamps circuit is also available at the fog light switch connector. if that is easier for you.
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