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Belltech 5954 drop leafs $50/pair+shipping

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  • Belltech 5954 drop leafs $50/pair+shipping

    Just like the title says... I have a pair of these just collecting dust, take em off my hands!

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    whats is shipping to 87120?


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      You don't want to put these on your Typhoon... there's a lengthy thread on .net about the 5954's being too long for the Typhoon, hence why I took mine off. I have the 5953's on my Ty now, and it's a considerable improvement over the 5954's. The 5954's really only work on the Syclone.

      In hind sight, I'd avoid the Belltech drop leafs on a Typhoon altogether and just use lowering blocks. They work on the Syclone cause there's no weight in the bed to bottom out, but even with the 5953's and brand new Viking shocks the ride still isn't what I'd call "great". Unfortunately my less than intelligent roommate threw out my stock leaf springs "because I wasn't using them", otherwise I'd throw the stockers back in with blocks and be done with it.

      Of course... if there's anyone out there with a Typhoon that's hell bent on the drop leafs, I'll GIVE you the 5954's AND the 5953's for free, in exchange for the stock leafs, and I'll pay shipping both ways! Can't beat that with a football bat!
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        humm I do have some stock ones from my white typhoon (I used the 5953's on it I haven't gotten it on the road just yet tho) let me think about that one they are just sitting on the side of the house


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          Keep me posted on the stock leafs. A buddy of mine just gave me an air-ride kit out of his work truck, so I'm gonna give that a shot and see if the ride improves. Even with 10psi in the bags it should at least keep it from bottoming out, and hopefully level out the ride so it doesn't feel like I'm riding a mechanical bull down the freeway.


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            will do i hope mine does not ride like that


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              My theory is that while the 5953's might be for the right length for the Typhoon, they're originally designed for the Colorado which doesn't have any weight in the back... err at least it doesn't have 2 giant pieces of glass to support. That said, I think the back of the Typhoon is just too heavy for the weight rating of the Colorado springs hence the bottoming out, and bouncy ride... i could be totally wrong, maybe I'm just spoiled with the ride quality of my daily driver, and expecting too much from a 26 year old truck?


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                Follow up to this thread... I put the air ride set up in, and It was even worse! hahaha. So those are out.

                I really don't think there's anything that can be done to improve the ride quality with the Belltechs... they're just garbage!

                I'd consider those Hyperco composite monoleafs, but I've yet to see a single product review anywhere online (good or bad), and I'm not gambling another $650 on the chance I end up with the same result.

                I'd love to hear some suggestions other than dropping another $1650 on the JSM 4-link, and if no one wants the Belltech leafs, they're going in the garbage where they belong.


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                  Do you still have these for sale? They would be for a GT.


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                    I still have them, however... I was storing these in my parents garage, and my less than intelligent brother moved them outside and put a tarp over them without my knowing until now. After a considerable amount of rain in SoCal these past couple months, they're now covered in surface rust. I can hit em with a wire brush and some spray paint to clean em up a bit if you're still interested. I just need em gone at this point.