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  • 92 Typhoon #0255

    I purchased this Typhoon out of Philadelphia exactly 5 years ago today. Zero rust and Amazing paint with a nasty mess underneath. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I actually thought a highly modded Ty would make a good daily driver since it only had 68k on the clock 😂😂😂.

    Fast forward to today day and I am practically now an ASE certified technician thanks to this truck. I’ve only managed to put about 5k on it in 5 years due to what started as an intense number of breakdowns and is now and endless list of modifications. Within a month she was on jack stands due to a blown turbo and leaking upper IC. At the time I knew nothing about syty’s and had no idea where to source parts. After stumbling upon RPMs website I found a turbo but, still could not source a IC which led me to where i found some run of the mill shit and slapped my first custom setup together (not the prettiest but, it worked lol). After that I finally found the FB page which led me to the forums where I read post after post in an attempt to educate myself on these trucks.

    Truck mods:

    Motor: stock heads, PTE6266, ATR headers, 3” downpipe & exhaust, 422 cam, 1.6 rockers, TRW pistons, ICE Wires, NGK plugs

    Trans: Built 700R4, 3000 stall triple disc converter, dual B&M 8x11 transcoolers in custom box where lower heat exchanger used to be.

    Suspension: SM coilovers & tubular control arms up front, Beltech leafs with Caltracs, Viking adjustable shocks, and rear sway bar.

    Wheels/Tires: Speedline Z06 staggered wheels powdercoated galaxy gray 3 and wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888. 255/40/17 up front and 295/30/18 in rear.

    Misc: Custom A2A setup, Abs delete, Ac delete, cruise delete, air pump delete, tucked wiring in engine bay, Catch can, custom Radiator and fan shroud, E fan setup, Relocated battery to rear, Painted & trimmed inner fenders, SM vacuum line kit, Edelbrock Aluminum water pump. Well that’s all I got for now

    Current Setup

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    Originally posted by TittyTy View Post
    Fast forward to today day and I am practically now an ASE certified technician thanks to this truck.
    HAHAHA truer words have never been spoken!

    I like seeing threads pop up on here from guys that have owned their trucks a while and they're super clean, especially the sexy 92's! hahaha. But yeah, kinda makes me feel like some people are coming out of hiding to post here, and we're getting a lil bit of a revival. Good stuff, and great looking Ty!


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      Thanks man. Morgan’s post on his sweet Garnet got me off my ass to finally post a build thread here.


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        The 1.6 roller rockers fit under your stock tin valve covers? What did you do to get the PVC to -AN? Great to see some other builds get posted.


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          The comp cam. 1.6 rockers do fit under my stock valve covers. I bought 2 fittings that push in to the valve covers but are -10 an male on the other side on Ebay. Think they were about $25 each but it was the only thing I could find to get an lines attached to the covers.


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            Beautiful truck! Fast and clean.

            Race cars are like strippers. They only work when you throw money at them!