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  • Syclone #136

    I bought this Syclone in 2006 in Minneapolis MN.I was looking for a truck with clean paint, but a troubled engine. The truck had a Jasper re-manufactured 4.3L, with .060 bore and flat-top pistons. Perfect situation to replace the engine and build a V6 myself. My first build of the engine was in 2007. I refreshed it again in 2012. Working by myself in a small 2 car garage.

    Here is the current complete list of modifications I’ve done to my Syclone, as of August 2017.

    2" steel cowl hood

    Seats: Procar racing seats & brackets, RJS 5-point harnesses
    Gauges: Haltech LCD screen, Autometer boost

    Typhoon block modified, Melling pump, King bearings, ARP hardware
    Crankshaft: Crower
    Connecting Rods: Eagle forged, ARP bolts
    Pistons: Probe forged, Total Seal rings
    Camshaft: custom grind Crower cam, double roller timing set
    Heads: Brodix 8 aluminum unported, Cometic MLS head gaskets, ARP head studs
    Valvetrain: Morel lifters, Manley pushrods, Jesel rocker arms, PAC springs
    Intake: RPM modded lower SyTy, Renfab sheetmetal forward upper plenum, RPM throttle body
    Exhaust: ATR modified headers, custom downpipe, chambered muffler
    Turbo: Precision 67 billet, Tial wastegate, Treadstone A2A intercooler, Tial BOV
    Cooling: Griffin radiator, Spal electric fan, Edelbrock water pump
    Auxiliary: EFIconnection billet timing cover, RPM valve covers, RealStreet catchcan, MightyMouse tensioner

    Transmission: original 700R4, upgraded by Rossler Transmission, B&M cooler, B&M pan
    Torque Converter: TCS billet 9/11, full lockup & antiballooning
    Transfercase: stock
    Driveshafts: custom front propshaft, steel rear driveshaft
    Differentials: stock front & rear

    Fuel System
    Tank: plastic fuel cell
    Hoses: Aeroquip AN, RPM billet rails
    Pump: Magnafuel inline, Magnafuel filters with stainless elements
    Injectors: SMP 120# low impedance, Aeromotive regulator

    Charging: Powermaster alternator, Optima battery, Caspers junction boxes, Powermaster mini starter
    Engine Management: Haltech Elite stand-alone ECU used for Boost Control, Launch Control, Flex Fuel, Traction Control, Converter Lockup, Fan Control
    Sensors: EFIconnection crank position, EFIconnection cam position, Haltech E85, Haltech wideband, Haltech fuel pressure
    Ignition: Coil-near-Plug (6) LS3 coil packs, MSD wires, NGK plugs

    Frame: RPM solid mounts, CE mid plate, chromoly 4-point rollbar, RPM torsion crossmember, Energy Suspension bushings
    Front Suspension: Sportmachines tubular control arms, AFCO coilovers, ZQ8 box, Jeep shaft
    Rear Suspension: Belltech leaf springs, Caltrac bars, KYB shocks
    Brakes: 4th gen front & rear disc conversion, GM hydroboost, ABS delete
    Rolling stock: Camaro wheels, Nitto tires

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    A modified truck is never finished.

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    A modified truck is never finished.


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      A modified truck is never finished.


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        A modified truck is never finished.


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          A modified truck is never finished.


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            I'm going around and trying to fix all the little nuisances from the last few years. One of the big ones is my throttle body coupler. I've used a 3"-4" 45 reducer to go from 3" round, to the 4" oval throttle body. But the big silicone coupler has no rigidity in keeping the charge pipe in place. So i always blew off under high boost. So i'm revamping the design a bit. I had a friend weld up a merge pipe to match the throttle body, and i put a bung on the bottom, so i can brace the pipe to the intake manifold. It should work good. I'm going to massage the matching shape a little more, then send it off for powdercoating.

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            A modified truck is never finished.


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              Awesome truck. Always liked seeing your progress with it.
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                planning my winter revisions. I have a header flange leak to fix, also the ceramic coating is peeling like sunburn. I haven't had the engine apart in a couple years, so i will pull it and go through to check bearings. I'm going to move my fuel regulator and E85 sensor. And also move my coil packs from the back of the engine to the k-member. Time to start.


                A modified truck is never finished.


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                  I'm doing another round of wire tucks, and hose routings to clear up the engine.

                  It's easier for me changing valve springs before i take the engine apart.

                  back in it's home. I need to connect all the hoses, and make a new coil bracket. Then off to the Buffalo meet.

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                  A modified truck is never finished.


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                    I had some life events delay my project. But I'm locked into Carlisle, and the date is looming.

                    I have a hand full of odds & ends to tie up. I had a battery cable rip off the starter. I bent my aluminum exhaust while i was cleaning the garage. But the rest is just reassembly. Then finally fire the new engine for the first time, and make a tune from scratch. Then cleaning & detailing

                    I wrapped up my coilpack skid plate last night.

                    A modified truck is never finished.