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  • Misc Ty cladding

    I have some cladding that i bought and ending up finding better pieces some of these are rough and will require some work if i dont sell them they will be going in to the attic for a while

    #1 Drivers rear corner missing mount by bumper and the tabs need to be re attached mostly still in good shape $300 + shipping(I am willing to BUY another piece to fix this one if someone has a broken one that might work get ahold of me)

    #2 Behind the drivers side door and before the rear wheel little rough Tabs need to be re attached $200 + shipping

    #3 Drivers side FIBERGLASS kick panel with support pics in next post $200 + shipping

    #4 Both rear wheel well arches have been painted drivers side is missing tabs ends are slightly missing as well $175 = shipping for the pair

    I can take and send more pics if anyone is interested
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